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Sanjivni Family Garden is a revolutionary self-contained vertical garden / composting system capable of transforming home gardening, urban gardening, Kitchen Gardening and making a difference for the first time in India.

4 square feet Family Garden 
4 Square feet 50 Plants Family garden with integrated composting!! Family Garden has 40-45 openings around the outside and space for up to 5-10 taller plants on top, resulting in an impressively bountiful harvest. Less Space & Soil Covered (Mulching).

Faster Growth 
Plants grow faster in the Sanjivni Family Garden because they are protected in their own special microclimate, and because they have constant access to nutrient-dense water. Water is steeped in a hearty brew of “organic tea” and “worm tea” via the vermicompost tube and returned to the soil repeatedly.. One unexpected bonus of this rapid growth is that you can grow a larger crop of spring vegetables before replacing them with summer plants..Additionally, the heat storage and insulation provided by the vertical composting Family Garden allow for an increased growing season over typical container gardening approaches which offer a less stable soil environment; other vertical growing systems simply do not have the necessary thermal mass. Less Fertilizer, More Nutrients, Faster Growth!
Multi-cropping - overcome soil, water problems
Multi cropping is used here in Sanjivni Family Garden System, which is a practice of growing two or more crops in proximity. The most common goal of intercropping is to produce a greater yield on a given piece of area by making use of resources that would otherwise not be utilized by a single crop. Good planning is required, taking into account the soil, climate, crops, and varieties. 
Multi cropping of compatible plants also encourages biodiversity, by providing a habitat for a variety of insects and soil organisms that would not be present in a single-plant environment. This in turn can help limit outbreaks of plant pests by increasing predator biodiversity. Additionally, reducing the homogeneity of the crop increases the barriers against biological dispersal of pest organisms through the plant. Planting Mixed Vegetables helps to protect them from pests and disease. 
Quality Compost
The long tube running down the center of the vertical garden tower is a vermicomposting system. Half a cup of worms is added at the beginning of the growing season. Kitchen vegetable scraps are then added regularly to keep the vertical compost tube full.

The worms feed on the organic matter, turning it into worm manure called worm castings, an excellent organic fertilizer and soil amendment. As the worm castings accumulate and aerobic microbial digestion advances, the compost near the bottom of the compost tube turns to rich black organic matter and can be removed easily using the included no-clog compost plug.

As water is poured on the top to feed the plants, some of the water seeps through the holes running down the length of the compost tube. As this water seeps through the compost tube it absorbs nutrients from the castings and the compost, directly feeding the plant roots and collecting at the bottom drain hole. Vertical composting system + Earthworms = Quality Compost !

Fortified self soil 
High worm activity in the soil column does much more than accelerate the composting process and aid nutrient availability to the system.
Worms in the plant root zone:
Aid aeration of the soil helping to maintain soil activity
Improve infiltration and keep water moving through the system
Prevent the buildup of detritus (old root matter) in the root zone
Keep the soil fresh and active with regular microbial and nutrient innoculation from their castings

Free from Weeds 
Sanjivni Family Garden uses live potting soil with worms in a vertical container that helps to prevent the spread of weeds and plant-borne diseases. It therefore requires virtually no weeding, soil tilling, or special preparation. Plants are grown vertically, so it’s easy on the back. The Family Garden can be placed on a deck, patio, or walkway, making it easily accessible, access for leisure; what could be better than organic gardening with fresh herbs, fruits, and veggies!.

Less Water 
Sanjivni Family Garden unique design creates a self-contained system. Far less soil surface is exposed per plant than typical container gardens or traditional gardens, resulting in far less evaporation. Family Garden recycles all of the water that passes through the system not lost to evapotranspiration by plants. Nutrient run-off is poured right back into the system.Once plants are established, the Sanjivni Family Garden only requires watering from the top making bi-weekly maintenance a breeze. 
Organic Traditional Seeds
Sanjivni Family Garden provides only country variety, organic, traditional seeds (Non GMO and Hybrid) for our better and healthy life.
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